Censored! – 31 experiments in the philosophy of Agitprop life

The poster, ’31 experiments in the Philosophy of Agitprop life’ by James & Jones has been censored by Plymouth Council and won’t be appearing on the city centre advertising drums around Plymouth.

When I inquired as to why, the answer from Plymouth Council was ‘Without providing context through Agitprop exhibition branding or signposting, it was felt that the poster was confusing and confrontational’. The “experiment” that the council took most offence to was number 25, ‘Design a new logo for agitprop, and threaten to sue anyone who does not use it when making artwork that is inspired by agitprop.’ They were worried that someone may take it literally and try and sue someone.

To me this shows Plymouth Councils total lack of faith in the people of Plymouth and their ability to understand when something is done in jest or ironically. Do they really think someone is going to actually go through with this and try and sue someone?  It is fairly obvious it is not an advertisement poster and that it has been written with humour. Plymouth Council are obviously happy to censor art if it doesn’t fit their strict and humourless criteria.

The poster however will still be in the exhibition itself and Plymouth central library understood it and have presented it. The exhibition is at Project Space 11 until the 28 August and you can view all the posters here.

About Ben Jones

I am an artist and curator, interested mainly in web-based work, video, drawing and animation. I have exhibited locally, nationally and internationally gaining commissions as well as working with communities and in schools on projects. I have worked for a variety of different organisations from an artist run studio and gallery to a large contemporary gallery in a number of different roles. My practice deals with how the reality we live in is constructed by media, where there are many different beliefs, which can be accepted, rejected or modified. I am interested in the disintegration of traditional social discussion and debate, due to media saturation, and how it now manifest’s itself in many new and technological ways.
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