About Me

I am an artist, curator and writer who is interested in the possibilities of technology and media and how they can act as a (counter) public sphere and a place for discussion and debate at a time of increased restrictions of freedom in the traditional public space. Employing video, photography, drawing, text and online media I am interested in the meaning and use of socially engaged and collaborative art practice to develop projects, which can act as a point of entry to develop a level of authorship and agency over media and technology.

I worked at Deveron Arts, Huntly, Aberdeenshire in the summer of 2010 in a curatorial capacity under the organisations modus operandi the phrase ‘the town is the venue’. Deveron Arts has no gallery but uses the town itself as a studio, gallery and stage for exhibitions and performances.

I was part of the curatorial collaboration ‘James & Jones’ so far culminating in the project ’31 Proposals’ and the ’31 experiments in the philosophy of Agitprop Life‘.

I started my PhD in 2010 at Culture Lab, Newcastle University and I am currently working on an Arts Council project, The Spence Watson Archive.

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